Boudoir Photography – A Guide to Excellence  $19.95
By Tammy Warnock
Do you spend hours editing images to make ladies look slimmer?
Would you like to make lovely curvy ladies slimmer in camera?
Woild you like to develop a niche market and be THE EXPERT in your area?
If you have answered “YES” to any of the above then this book will really help you. It specializes in plus size ladies giving an enorous amount of hints and tips to help minimize a ladies size in camera. The book is also full of “What not to Do” suggestions that will transform your work.

This in-depth e-book has a vast array of images and practical knowledge enabling you to take your work to the next level. It is written by Tammy Warnock, one of America’s finest boudoir photographers. Tammy lives and works in LA and is renowned for her work and is a Boudoir Expert on the DWF.

This book will undoubtedly help you improve your technique, visualise and see more shots, and ultimately help you make more money through extra sales. There are over 20 individual shoots showcased with multiple images to demonstrate the points Tammy is making.

If you are looking for  a book showing amazing and glamorous location with lots of technical lighting then this book is not for you. If however you would like to learn how to take beautiful images in very basic surroundings with natural light, or with just one speedlite then this is the book for you. Once these skills have been learnt and mastered you will be able to use them anywhere from the smallest of bedrooms to the grandest of 5 star hotel suites.

We are not going to give you pages of sales spiel here as the book does not need it. Instead we have listed just a few of the things the book contains to give you an idea and some images from the book:-

How to shoot flattering images of ladies of all sizes.
The use of natural light.
Off camera lighting.
Working in a studio and on location.
How to relax and make your subject feel comfortable.
Boudoir, Between the Sheets, Pin Up and Art Nude covered.
Clothing choices
100’s of tips that you never knew to transform your images.
A Gallery of Boudoir images from International experts.


You may not notice a huge difference initially between the image on the left and the one on the right. In fact there are many with the most significant being that Tammy has lowered her perspective allowing the ladies breasts to cover her stomach area making a far more flattering images. The book is filled with little tips like this.

The book uses locations as diverse as the beach, horse riding stables, clients homes and a small basic studio amongst others.

The book is not exclusively about plus size ladies though. We also have a selection of regular ladies and include Pin Up shoots and Bridal Boudoir.

Tammy discusses leg and hand placements to provide the most flattering image.



This wonderful book is just $19.99 and available for instant download by clicking the buttom below which will take you to PayPal:-

Buy Now


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